Bullying is Bad!

By: Denzel Clark

Bullying must be stopped!

Bullying is harmful to a person's psyche and is detrimental to their morale. Therefore bullying must be stopped. Here is why bullying needs to be stopped, bullying isolates the victim, bullying harms the victim's body and mind, and bullying harms the bully.
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Bullying Isolates

A kind young woman reduced to tears by her cruel bullies.
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Bullying Harms the Body!

A bully beating up their victim. When asked why she simply said, "Because it is fun to hit him."
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Bullying is not just Physical!

Bullies verbally tormenting the bullied. When asked why they said, "Because he is different from us!"
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Bullying is done in front of a group

The bullied are often tormented in front others. When the bully was asked why they did this in front of others she said, "I did it because she is a nerd!"
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Bullying is not just physical or verbal!

A note left by the bully on the victim's locker. As you can see the bully remains anonymous to the victim, thus the victim's fear grows and suddenly everyone starts to look like a potential bully.
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Often the bullying will continue until one day the victim snaps and retaliates. The victim (on the left) when asked about it said, "they pushed and pushed until I snapped."
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Reason Why?

Often times the bully is going through something in their life that is causing them to lash out at others. However this is no excuse for causing others pain, talk to people let them help you work through your troubles.
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Bullying can break stereotypes

Bullying is not just male to female, male to male, or female to female. Female to male bullying can also happen!
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Cyber-bullying is a thing too you know!

Another cause of distress for many teens is cyber-bullying. This kind young lady was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she found a hate message left on her timeline.
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Bullying Hurts

Bullying hurts. Nobody likes being bullied so why would you bully? Join me and help to end bullying!