Coast Guard Rescue Diver

Marine science

what it takes to be a rescue Swimmer/Diver

Specific task and duties: inspect, service, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, cargo aerial delivery system, drag parachute system, diving.

Salary range: active-duty 20,000 and may be entitled to allowance free healthcare, dental and eye care 2.5 they paid vacation per month

Real world jobs: Aircraft ground handler, parachute rigging in repair, Insurance inspector.

Physical activities: monthly PT test that includes push up,set up, Chin up, 12 minute crawl/swim,(500 yards) 25 yard are underwater swim and 200 yard buddy tow.

Expirations(good score)

Working conditions: outside rain, heat in the ocean, after tornadoes, floods, hurricanes

Interest for personality qualities:

*putting others first-willing to die for them

*Quick thinking

*Physically fit

Specific Education- school18 week training

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PT Test Standers

- Pushups - 100 in 2:00

- Situps - 100 in 2:00

- Pull ups - 15-20

- 12:00 Swim - swim 500-750yd

- 1.5 mile run - sub 9:00

- 25 yd underwater swim - complete

- 200 yd Buddy tow - complete