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Advocacy to zero waste

Advocacy of zero waste:

-Advocate the government of Canada to continue to amend and progress on the EPR(expiratory pressure relief), according to the EPR action of Canada. And purposely to focus on furnitures like carpets and textiles too.

Under a Canada-wide action plan for EPR developed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, the government is committed to EPR plan for: electronics; harmful wastes; mercury-containing products.etc fluorescent light bulbs; automatons; packages; and printed paper (including recycled materials in currently existing curb-side programs). Advocacy is needed to encourage the fundamental development of our fragile world.

This action plan involves focus on recent EPR programs covering carpet, textiles and furniture. With the advances of EPR programs for these materials, we can anticipate to divert an increased 19,000 tonnes of material from disposal by 2020 according to regional waste info graphed to Vancouver and assuming a 75% capture rate.

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Vancouvers waste challenged


Support Vancouver's Waste Challenge:

Decreasing and reusing waste can prevent our generation of Greenhouse Gas (G.H.G.) and make more jobs to help the environment. This means we can make a balance for our environment and humans. Bringing more attention to the energy on, in, and or around the food scraps recycling as a starting run can help awareness and action around the problem point of reducing and minimizing waste in general.