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March 2022

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Ukrainian National Anthem
Song Of Peace | A Celtic Mass For Peace

Celtic Mass for Peace by Sam Guarnaccia

Composer and Stoneham resident, Sam Guarnaccia wrote this inspiring oratorio for a new way of seeing our world. Here is an excerpt called A Song of Peace. More about Sam and his vision in a later edition of the Chronicle. (For now, if you look hard, you can see him playing the classical guitar on the left up front.)

A Song of Peace

Peace between nations,

Peace between neighbours,

Peace between lovers,

In love of the God of life.

Bless O Christ our hearts,

Bless O Christ our minds,

Bless O Christ our eyes,

Let our eyes bless all they see.

Grant us your peace …

(based on Ancient Celtic Prayer)

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The Burning of a Christmas Tree on Lake Keewaydin

I burned the tree before the war started on a cold starlite February night. A few weeks later this looks like a prayer for peace and freedom.
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The Turtle Island Ice Out Prediction Contest

For the last 5 years the Curtis family of Turtle Island have held a contest to predict the day of ice in and ice out. (see video below of Moose Curtis). The winner’s name is enshrined on the miniature out house. Dogs and cats are allowed to predict as well as humans. Text your prediction to 802-345-9193 along with your name. DEADLINE MARCH 31ST.The prize this year is 16 ounces of honey from Kezar Lake farm and Buck Gouin. One stop shopping for honey and the bees!
The Turtle Island Ice In/out contest
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The Flying Pig Exchange. by Reishi

Some people think dogs don’t share. Wrong! Baxter, the local Golden Doodle and a good canine friend, let me borrow his treasured flying pig stuffie for two whole days and nights. Below is a video of me graciously returning it to him. Thanks big guy. Hey, if dogs can share, what about you people? Do you have a flying pig you’d like to share?
The Flying Pig Exchange
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Stoneham Town Meeting : Democracy at its best

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The Mission of the Friends of Lake Keewaydin

At the recent Stoneham Town Meeting, Paula Guarnaccia introduces the mission of the Friends of Lake Keewaydin. Below you will find the objectives. Anyone interested in joining please contact Adam Helm at

“We’re an open welcoming volunteer organization who wish to monitor and preserve the water quality and natural ecosystems surrounding and including Keewaydin Lake”.

Ways we anticipate achieving this objective:

• We will create non profit 5013c called Friends of Lake Keewaydin (FOLK) for the purpose of official business.

• Via various volunteer groups, FOLK will engage entities such as the Lake Environment Association for documenting a baseline, as well as methods for ongoing monitoring of changes within the lake’s water via water clarity, total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, anoxic extent, temperature, PH, Total Alkalinity, Color, etc.

• To the extent the resources we engage for educational or water quality monitoring purposes cost money, the group will engage in seeking grants, solicit donations, and engage in fundraising activities.

• The group would like to ensure that all entry points to the lake where the public has access to launch watercraft that there is adequate signage about checking for invasive aquatic plants.

• We will engage our neighbors to recruit volunteers who will be on the lookout for any new plants that may appear in their respective “monitoring zones.”

• We will engage the community at large to become part of the group and engage in fun Keewaydin Lake-themed activities.

• We will host meetings for those interested to find out how they can engage FOLK as a resource to learn about the status of the lake’s health and what resources the group can provide to minimize our collective impact on the lake and preserve its quality for years to come.

Friends of Lake Keewaydin

Join FOLK: The Friends of Lake Keewaydin

Are you interested in preserving our beautiful lake and its creatures for generations to come? You may want to join FOLK :Friends of Lake Keewaydin. Contact Adam at for more information.

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order to go at AJ’S. 928-2454

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3 Generations of Turtle Islanders

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Egg Over Easy, Loon Style

Loons flip their eggs 2 times a day? Why? I asked Lee Attix our local Loon Ranger. I think he is on vacation but when he responds I will post his response here.

Photo by Ralph Fletcher. Prints available at

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One stop shopping for honey and bees!