Web Quest

By Kennedy Carver

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president; he was president during the Civil War. He did not like the idea of the Civil War, but he knew that sooner or later it was going to start. I thought that it was cool that Abraham was president during the civil war, and I learned that he gave lots of speeches! If I was Abraham, I would be very stressed during the Civil War, I mean he was the president during a huge war! I would feel like there would be a lot of pressure on me because of the fact that Abraham was the president during such a huge war.


Being a slave was not easy, in fact, it was about as hard as it gets! During the Civil War, slaves were still doing what they did, although some slaves had to fight in the war as soldiers. If I was a slave during the civil, I would be very worried...especially if I had to be a soldier! Being a soldier would mean fighting for your rights, risking your life. So scary! I learned that slaves barely have any breaks, I also learned that slaves had tons and tons of punishments. The slaves really wanted freedom, some people didn't like slaves, others did. That was one of the reasons for the Civil War.

All Three Civil War Characters

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Southern Soldier

During the Civil War, the Southern soldiers fought. They were apart of the Civil War, so they didn't say anything against it, but I bet some soldiers thought about some bad things about the War. I learned that campfires kept the soldiers warm, so they would cut down trees if they had too, just to get a fire! I thought that was cool. If I was a Southern soldier, I would be very nervous or worried because I would be fighting in war, and at anytime my life could be taken.