Deadly addictive drug "NICOTINE"

It's going to take your life values second by second.

CNS- Central Nervous System;made up of brain and spinal cord

Few poisons in cigarette

  • Acetone: removes nail polish.
  • Ammonia: Household cleaner.
  • Arsenic: used in rat poisons and in bullets.
  • Butane: Gas, used in lighter.
  • Carbon monoxide: poisonous gas.
  • Cadmium: Used in batteries.
  • Cresol: used in making bombs.
  • Cyanide: Deadly poison, used in making chemical weapons.
  • DDT:A banned insecticide.
  • Lead:Heavy metal,used to make plumbing and other pipes, poisonous in high doses.
  • Formaldehyde:used to preserve dead bodies.
  • polonium:radioactive, vary deadly.
  • Vinyl Chloride: used in making PVC pipes.

4 ways a drug can enters the body

  1. Orally: by mouth.
  2. Inhale: smoking and breathing.
  3. Inject: using needle.
  4. Absorb:apply to the skin.

STIMULANTS (Speed up the body)

  • Ecstasy- clenched teeth,grinding teeth, dangerously high body temperature like over 110 degrees.
  • Marijuana-more carcinogens then cigarettes,kills brain cells.
  • Steroids-man changes to woman and woman changes to man.( It doesn't change the genders)
  • Methamphetamine-violent behavior, and high body temperature.

DEPRESSANTS(slows down the body)

GHB: odorless, colorless, test less liquid, can cause a human to go unconscious.

ALCOHOL:(makes your body out of control)

smoking damage


HEROIN:highly addictive, can lead to blood clots,feelings of a "rush"


PCP,LSD,"SHROOMS"-seeing/hearing things that do not really exist.


PRESCRIPTIONS, COUGH SYRUPS,ADVIL,ETC-always follow recommended,dosage;never share.

FDA-Food and Drug Administration- checks for safety and approves food and prescriptions to be sold.