National Treasure

Carlos Villegas


the gates family has been telling about a legend about a treasure that was hidden from the British and made many clues to show where the treasure is. Ben Gates has been looking for the clues so that he could find the treasure but the clues are hidden in some of the things that has to do with the history like the declaration of independence and others. After he got the items that have the clues, he and others went to find the many places with the clues but there are others who are looking for the treasure.


the reason why I chose this movie is because it seems that it has to do with more of american history. what got me interested about this movie is because it had to do with many history items and other things.


I think the rate of the historical data would be . The reason I gave it a a 4 is because the things shown in the movie like the declaration of independence and the letters of Benjamin Franklin look like the originals.
One thing that might be inaccurate would be the the clues hidden at the back of the declaration of independence.