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Toy Story


Toy Story is a movie about a character named Woody (children's cowboy toy). He is replaced by a new space ranger named Buzz. Over time things start to change when the owner, Andy, gives his new toy (Buzz) more attention over his old toy (Woody). When Andy's family decides to move to their house, rivalry between the two toys, Buzz and Woody, causes them separate from their owner. However, Woody and Buzz collaborate to find their way home, by helping each other and bonding in the process.


Woody demonstrates many characteristics with his actions, some of them that I would like to bring up leadership skills, stubborn and lastly caring.


Throughout the movie Woody was a character that had an ideal role as a leader. His leadership played an important role. In leading the way for others that may not been able to make the best decisions for themselves. Woody simply reflected this through many situations or huddles in the movie. Firstly, Woody has used high and efficient use of commanding vocabulary; " serpent, establish a recent post downstairs. Code red. You know what to do." this dialogue is a clear example of his commanding attitude. Secondly, Woody has shown great leadership skills by standing up to give a warm welcome to the new toy brought to Andy's room. Woody has done this job with a very gentlemanly and polite manner as possible. Lastly, Woody has always lead the way for other toys and as part of his job as a leader, he always chooses to give reminders. " has everybody picked a moving buddy." This dialogue is an representation of his leadership role, responsibility and affection through his words. This also conveys the message that he he did not want any toys to be left behind. Thus, woody has traits of leader required for any opportunity.

Toy Story - Staff Birthday Meeting


One of the character traits that Woody has presented throughout the movie is his stubbornness towards his attitude; and his withstanding faith in his opinions. For example, when Buzz was convinced that he was able to fly, and proved himself to other toys; Woody did not believe. As luck would have it, Buzz fell without a scratch, others thought Buzz could fly; while Woody dismissed this event by saying “That wasn't flying, that was falling with style”. Secondly, Woody portrayed this nature of his when he fought for his spot beside Andy’s bed and said that “There seems to be a mix up. See this is my spot”, to buzz light year; even though his owner, Andy, had himself made this decision. This also shows that Woody is not only stubbornness; but is rather jealous and does not prefer changes. Lastly, he depicts his stubbornness and his never dying faith in himself, when everyone thinks that Buzz is a better toy and any one would replace him with Buzz light year. However, Woody is convinced that no one can replace him as he says “They’ll see I’m still Andy’s favorite toy.” Therefore, the above characteristics show that Woody is Stubborn in nature and does not like changes.

Toy Story - Woody vs Buzz


Near the end of the movie, Woody brought out his caring character. He acts like a true friend, helping his friends in need. Regardless of the situation, the toys are in, Woody’s always there, like a super hero of the movie series. One of the instances that demonstrate his character during the end of the movie, is when he wanted to save buzz from the violent child Sid. “There’s a good boy down there and he about to get blown to bits and it’s all because of me. Please, he’s my friend.” This dialogue represents his affection toward Buzz light year. Another example of woody that shows caring is when he says “Let’s get of out here buzz…” This sentence shows that he cared about buzz because he had a choice to leave him behind. However, he chooses not to leave and help his friend in need. Lastly, Woody showed more fondness towards Buzz, rather being selfish. “Listen buzz, forget about me. You should get out of here while you can.” This dialogue describes his selflessness and caring nature. Therefore, woody shows great deal of caring and affection towards Buzz and other toys.
Toy story Woody and Buzz

once again woody has shown the following character traits ..........