Eating Disorders

New found rise in the number of patient's with disorders

Mass Media's Unrealistic Expectations

The "generation of technology", teens and preteens who spend their lives staring at glowing screens every chance they get. The new cyber world that's captivating everyone's' lives today, has also begun to control our world.
With all the newest technology and ways of communication, the media is able to spread the latest gossip and most desirable trends at the speed of light across the globe. People follow these feeds with as much intensity as a cat chasing a laser beam. The media uses this to it's advantage, planting these body images in everyone's mind as to what looks good, and what doesn't. Men must be tall and muscular, with clear skin and shiny teeth. While women must have curves, skinny waist, thigh gaps, toned legs, and no jiggling fat whatsoever. Statistics show not only are women becoming susceptible to these disorders, but there have been a rise in male patients, and patients younger than 12.

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