GLEC-PVA Fall Book Fair

Meet us in the library for your book-fair experience!

Hello GLEC-PVA Family!

I'm pleased to share that the library will host our fall Book Fair, November 6-16th, 2017. I would love for you to schedule a library visit so that the students can see the preview videos of what books are coming to the fair. We will have a western round-up theme and "Buckaroos 4 Books" Wednesday, Nov. 8th!
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It's a STICK UP!

Bring your grandmas, paw-paws, meemaw, nanas, and grandpas to the library Tuesday, Nov 7th, from 1-3pm to load up on goodies from the book fair! Keep granny safe and tell her to bring the credit card and not her gold! :)

Yes, even WE have to pay taxes!

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Big Buckaroo SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Wyatt's Antoine W. for completing his piggy bank!