Artist Studio and Materials Shop

Come here to get all the materials you'll need as an artist!

Type of Business

Our shop will be established as a partnership, where my friend and I will run the company and make sure it provides artists with the best materials and resources for their hobby and/or career!

Why we made it a partnership

My friend and I have always shared an interest in art, and we decided to start a business together. We have both had experience working in teams together, and also because of the benefits it has allowed us when working:

-We are a small business so we don't have to deal with the problems of going through corporate groups to make decisions

-As a small team, we find it easier to raise money to improve our services, and we don't have to pay corporate income taxes

-We also both share unlimited liability, making it easier to pay off debts

How we overcome the disadvantages of a partnership

Since we are both passionate about art, we find it easy to find common ground on issues that are important to the business

-This love for art and helping share it with others has been our main goal, so we aren't as concerned over sharing the profits made from our business

How we treat employees

We each value the hard work and effort made by our employees here at the studio and shop, which is why we make sure to hold discussions every week to review suggestions of how our management could be improved, for this reason we don't have a labour union

-We also offer great benefits, such as two months of vacation per employee every year, ensuring they still have plenty of time to see their families and live happy lifestyles

Some of our products!

Sustainable practices

We recognize the important environmental issues that are a result of decisions that can easily be prevented. Here are some of the ways we choose to help our environment:

-Recycling papers, promotions, and other supplies once they're used well

-Using rainwater to help water our plants outside, helping beautify the store and use renewable sources as well

-Our store is lighted by energy-efficient LED panels, to minimize the impact and usage of electricity