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Wednesday Wellness | May 6, 2015

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  1. Wellness Rally Recap: Home Run Hitters!
  2. Top 10 Coliseum Users for April
  3. Tri To Beat Cancer Sign Up- Info Attached
  4. A Look Ahead @ Summer FIT Group
  5. Wednesday's Last Word

Knocked It Out of the Park!

We had a great time at the Wellness Rally last Friday! We celebrated our collective home run by winning the Atlanta's Healthiest Employer award. The winning criteria for this award contained 6 key elements:




We are a workforce of wellness ambassadors and culturally we are still swingin' for the fence! Let's keep batting 1000!

We also accomplished our two-fold purpose of information and inspiration! We truly do operate from the philosophy that your potential is our passion. Our purpose is to empower the lives of everyone we touch to holistically live well.

Listen to these home run hitters!

Home Run Hitter: Jeannie Sanders

"Don’t let ‘life’ get in your way. We all have daily distractions or even big events to overcome – don’t allow these things to keep you from your goal."

Bobbi Mackey

"This year I made a commitment to myself to be the best I can be. I hired a trainer, planned ahead for most of my meals and scheduled my workouts as if they were an important business meeting. And they are! It's a meeting to development myself into the person I am striving to achieve. So far, I feel great!"

Home Run Hitter: Lorri Ybarra

“It was very inspirational to have a friendly competition within our department. It went a long way toward keeping more than just me motivated. I’m sure we’ll do the same thing again for the upcoming Step It Up challenge.”

Home Run Hitter: Jennie Montgomery

"I encourage anyone who is interested in joining WW at Work to be on the lookout for details of the next series which will be starting in June. The current group has lost a total of 135.6 pounds so far!"

Home Run Hitter: Lynn Cromer

"On July 1st, 2015 I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of being completely nicotine FREE. Side note: The savings alone here totals over $5,000 from not buying cigarettes!!

Today, I focus on eating mostly organic and non GMO products, avoiding high fructose corn syrup, soy based products, anything partially hydrogenated and processed. I drink a lot of WATER. I have reduced my red meat intake to 1x per week. It’s not even about what the number on the scale says but how I feel….and I love ME!"

Lauren Womack

"The Couch to 5K Program is not only for goal setters who want to run but also walk too. The program is wonderful for beginners and a great way to start a fitness routine. I would highly recommend it for everyone!"

Keep Swingin' for the Fence!

Top 10 Coliseum Users for April!

Congrats to the top 10 members who utilized the Coliseum the most during the month of April! Training pays in several ways, and now these 10 also receive $10 Coliseum cash to use for any service offered. Here they are:

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Tri To Beat Cancer Event - Sign Ups Now!

We are still accepting commitments this week for the Tri To Beat Cancer event that is happening August, 23rd in Athens. Confirm by replying to this email or by reaching out to Kevin Noone.

The info packet and training plans are attached! Anyone can participate and this is a reimbursable program!

A Look Ahead @ Summer FIT Groups!

Upcoming FIT Groups:

  • Summer Step It Up
  • Couch to 5k Continues
  • Lower-Lower Lot Parking Challenge (Beings Monday)
  • Group Class Junkies
  • Truth or Dare Challenge
  • Team Building Training Sessions for Your Business Team
  • Tri to Beat Cancer (Training Begins Monday)
  • HRA & Wellness Visits /Follow Ups
  • Jackson Olympics
  • Tennis | Run | Walk Groups
  • You Decide! Find Your FIT

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Wednesday's Last Word:

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