Greek Achievements

Arts, Science, and Philosophy

The Arts

The ancient Greeks have paintings that have been admired for hundreds of years. Greek statues are so admired because the sculptors who made them tried to make them look perfect. Greek painting is also admired for its realism and detail. Many Greek statues look as though they could come to life at any moment. The Parthenon was a beautiful temple built for the goddess Athena. The temple was built by Pericles and is still one of the most famous buildings in the world. There are three main kinds of architecture Greek buildings, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian. Doric is the least decorative, ionic is a little more advanced, and Corinthian is the most advanced and decorative type of architecture.


The ancient Greeks worshiped gods and goddesses whose actions explained many of the mysteries of the world. But by around 500 BC a few people had begun to think about other explanations. We call these people philosophers. They believed in the power of the human mind tho think,explain, and understand life. Plato was a teacher and a philosopher. Aristotle was Plato's student.


Aristotle's works inspired many Greek scientists. They began to look closely at the world to see how it looked. Euclid was interested in geometry. Many of the geometry we learn in school come straight from Euclid's writings. Some Greek scientists also studied medicine and engineering. The greatest Greek doctor was Hippocrates.