The Beautiful Place To Visit

Why Visit France?

France is known to be the most visited country in the world. It really is a great place to visit. It has wonderful beaches, gorgeous tourist attractions, great food, and great wine. Plus there is many actvivities such as yoga,biking, rock climbing, and fishing.

Tourist Attractions



I suggest you visit during the fall time, (Sept.-Nov.) During this time it is not to cold or not to warm, just perfect. However, also during the fall it can get a bit rainy, but it only drizzles and doesn't last more than one day. France is ever barely gets cold and snow is rare.

Your packing list should include, light t-shirts, shorts, light sweat-shirt, comfortable walking shoes, and maybe some pants. Nothing to heavy though.

Major Cities

1. Paris, France - 12,089,2103

2. Lyon, France - 2,118,132

3. Marseille, France - 1,715,096

4. Toulouse, France - 1,202,889

5. Lille, France - 1,150,530

Government & Economy

Type Of Government: Presidential Republic

Current Leaders: President; François Hollande Prime Minister; Jean-Marc Ayrault

Currency: Euro

GDP: $35,000

Major Exports: Machinery, transportation equipment, aircraft, and chemicals.


58-51 BC -Roman emperor Julius Caesar conquers France.

1789 - The French Revolution begins.

1914-1918 -France battles Germany in World War I.

1940 -Germany invades France during World War II

1958 -DeGaulle becomes the President of the Fifth Republic

2007 -François Hollande is elected President.

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