Fable Story

Gabrielle Muir

Lola the elephant and Lily the mouse

Lily the mouse loved cheese. She wanted any type of cheese in the world to be hers. She was sassy and wanted everything. Lola the elephant was different. She loved giving way more then receiving, she was very smart and caring and kind. One day the elephant saw Lily the mouse struggling trying to get out of a mousetrap. He had seen her before so he thought to go and help to be nice.

Lola the elephant went over to Lily and said “Here let me help you with that”, Lola helped Lily out and she said “Thanks but I didn’t really need help, I could’ve done it myself” and walked away. Lola the elephant just forgot about it. But then again Lily felt really selfish and rude because of what she said. She decided to gather all her pieces of cheese and went to visit the elephant that helped her. “Here, sorry for being so selfish and rude. Thank you for helping me.” said Lily. Lily pushed all the cheese to Lola. Lola was forgiving and took the cheese and smiled and said “thank you.”


People can change.
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