Knowledge Base 2.0

Time for a reboot!

Starting over...

Friendly-neighborhood Instructional Technician, here! I'm going to be working on a complete overhaul of the Knowledge Base and FAQ area of Zendesk so that we can be getting a fuller use out of Zendesk as a resource and, hopefully, ultimately, reduce our workload when it comes to the most minor problems and creating a digital workspace for the district that allows our users to help each other, as well, when they are able. We have several employees that act as great resources supporting our department's role and having a space where their knowledge can be disseminated more uniformly, quickly and to more people should be a grand boon to the services we provide.

What I need from you:

Partly, what I am doing is experimenting with the method, process, procedure, hopefully creating an informal sort of "policy" to ingrain an intuitive habit that will ensure the longevity of the effort. At some point soon, I hope to be sending out more "newsletter"-style "flyers" like this, perhaps with forms like polls or whathaveyou to get input on layout ideas, top questions we receive, preferences for how things look.

For example, something I can ask right now would be: How do we feel about using this opportunity to begin pushing a "rebranding" of the department?

Many of you may know that it has been a sort of ideal "pet project" of mine for a while now to change the "face" of HDoT to something updated and better assimilated into the culture of the district, while continuing to present as streamlined and highly professional. The power of perception is heavy and we have been on the wrong end of that for a long time.

I have already included a mock-up hornet logo and a new departmental moniker (Hudson Infotech & Virtual Enterprise or H.I.V.E. for short) but I hope to produce some varied situational use logos and designs to proliferate across the look of our HelpDesk and departmental website, if we agree that it is a good idea to move forward that way...

Please give feedback, comment, seek me out with ideas that I'm not thinking of, subscribe (honestly, I'm not even totally familiar with all the workings of these things but immersion is the only way we'll get there...) to these threads.


The more parsimonious the structure of this project is, the more likely it can be maintained and sustained in the long-term.

Overall, it seems like a good strategy to me, to model it after the hierarchy implicit in the new LRMS positions and the efforts being made in that direction; it all seems like it would intuitively go hand-in-hand.

That said, I would think that organizing by campuses and having an overall "District" sets of categories to act as the top sorting layer would be the simplest and help imply the workflow that we are going for by having the LRMS positions, at all.

Along with that, I will likely be creating shared folders in Google Drive to house archive/backup of articles in text-only form or whatever ends up being the simplest so that if we ever have to move away from Zendesk, we can more easily recreate or reboot this type of intervention.

Ideas? Thoughts? Input? Feedback? All are totally welcome!