Hilltop Parent Council Minutes

December 2019

In attendance

Kindergarten: Lauren Lynch (1); 1st Grade: Vanessa Cerchio (2), Amy Shammas, Co-Chair (2); 2nd Grade: Dorana Brunhammer, Secretary (2), Taryn Cottone, Co-Chair, (1); 3rd Grade: Amy Golier (1), Cheryl Brown (2)

Also in Attendance: David Heller, Principal

Positive Feedback

  • Halloween Parade - with the support and perseverance of Mr. Heller, the weather held out just enough for a delightful parade - the drizzle couldn’t hamper the joy of the costumed students and dedicated teachers and excitedly appreciative parents

  • Scholastic Book Fair - another successful Book Fair! This year’s Arctic theme was enjoyed by the entire community

  • Acts of Kindness - Parents excitedly commented on 2nd grade Acts of Kindness Challenge where students are given a daily act of kindness task to share in and out of school with the happy side effect of helpful and kind children at home

  • Kids Care - Students continue to donate their recess for monthly Kids Care events

    • 11/14/2019 - cards for Troops - over 350 cards were made by students, teachers, and staff

    • 12/5/2019 - each grade participated in a contest to create the longest decorated paper chain for holiday decorations for local Holly Manor with the 2nd-grade class beating out 3rd graders with an honorable mention going to the 4th graders who exhibited an infectious team spirit

Follow-up From October 22nd, 2019 Meeting

  • Lunch menu: discussions with Pomptonian

    • Suzy Markwick, Taryn Cottone and Amy Shammas volunteered to represent Parent Council in meeting with Pomptonian

    • Mr. Heller met with Suzy, Taryn, and Amy on 11/14 to organize and focus objectives and priorities

      • Pomptonian looking to meet with us to explore ways to improve the lunch program

    • A meeting with Pomptonian will be January 8th with the Parent Council members and their children, Mr. Heller and the New Business Administrator (starting 1/1)

      • Main goals - review snack and drink options, parent ordering options

      • Already accomplished:

        • For $4 lunches each student will get a complete lunch including apples/carrots

        • There will be a basket for unused carrots/apples which can be distributed through Ms. Pagana

  • Positions open for lunch aides

    • Parent volunteers are dwindling

    • needed from 10:30am-1pm:

      • 1 cafeteria aide

      • 1 recess aide

  • Next Parent Council Meeting: January 14th at 9am

Purpose, Structure and Policies

The Parent Council serves on a volunteer basis as a liaison to the school community in Mendham Borough. Board policy Relations With Parents provides that there shall be a Parent Council for each school (see policies 1010.1, 10101P) to meet regularly with the principal to discuss matters of interest. The primary objective of this Council is to foster dialogue and communication between parents and administration and to provide advice and counsel to administration relating to school-wide topics.

The Councils are not a substitute for individuals having direct contact with the appropriate school personnel. There is a board policy entitled Public Complaints and Inquiries (see policy 1312). Although members of the Parent Council may be contacted for advice with respect to the most appropriate way (teacher, guidance, principal, superintendent, Board) for parents and other interested parties to seek resolution of complaints, grievances, and misunderstandings, members of the Parent Council should not be contacted for the purpose of intervening in disputes between administration or staff members and individual students or parents.