Small Pox

By Dan Collins and Will Atkins

Cause of Diesease

Small Pox is caused by a Variola virus, scientific name is Variola.

How Is it treated?

There is no treatment or drugs to help,however antibiotics might be prescribed if the person has a bacterial infection in the lungs or the skin.

How is it transmitted

Smallpox is generally passed directly and fairly prolonged and it has to be face to face contact to spread smallpox.


Some of the symptoms of smallpox include fevers,discomfort,headaches,severe fatigue,severe back pain,and vomiting

Interesting facts

  • The incubation period lasts up to 12 days
  • Most people recover from smallpox but 30% die.
  • There are three types of smallpox, Variola minor, Hemorrhagic smallpox, and Malignant smallpox
  • Subjects are not contagious during incubation period.