Siberian White Tigers

Its snow.... with teeth


  • Not Albinos. born with a genetic mutation
  • Cross-eyed eyes are either blue or green
  • Longest canine teeth of any land animal
  • Weighs more than 500 lbs.
  • Head-body length usually 4 1/2 to 9 ft., with the tail measuring around 3 to 4 ft.


  • Lives in cold,spruce forests near eastern Russia, as well as in swamps and jungles across Asia.
  • Tiger's territory extends over 10 square miles, and male's territories will overlap those of females.


  • Adaptations help them hunt in the wild.
  • Stripes on tiger's fur conceals the body when tiger is in tall grass and trees.
  • Powerful jaws serve to snap the prey's spine or strangle it.
  • Strong sense of smell and sharp eyesight.

Food Chain

  • Eats a variety of meat.
  • Deer, antelope, wild cattle, wild pig, monkeys, and peafowl are often hunted.
  • Tigers usually gets one kill out of every 20.
  • Often hunts during the night, but hunts during the day too.
  • Creeps up behind target, then pounces and knocks it down with their weight, then kills it.

Reasons for Endangerment

  • Humans have been killing tigers and destroying habitat.
  • Tigers are hunted for their heads (used as trophies), bones (for traditional Chinese medicine), and their fur (sold for its beauty).
  • Loss of prey (humans hunt the animals tigers eat)

Critical Information

  • Try to be eco-friendly! Give the tigers more to eat!
  • It's illegal to hunt them, however; statistics show that one tiger is killed every day.
  • The chances of a white tiger being born is 1 in 10,000.