mark of athena

Rick riordan

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main characters

the main characters of this book are Percy, Anabeth, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Jason and frank three of them are from the greek camp, camp half blood and the others are from the roman camp,


This book comes in a series of books and all have the same conflict that a god named gaea is going to destroy Rome but every one of these books has there own conflict inside that. here the group of demi gods have set of on there journey and have hit a road block the mark of athena.


this book takes place in more than one place it starts of in San Francisco and moves around to is in the present


The readers that would enjoy this book, would be kids that like an adventure . This book contains a big adventure and if like Romans and Greeks u will most definitely enjoy this book
This book is the third book of this series I've read them from the first book to this one and are a great adventure. They keep me in suspense and on my feet and always keep me waiting for the next book