Getting started


Today we will be looking at how to use iMovie to increase engagement and learning for students receiving speech services. We will go through a series of steps that will allow you to create and help your students create projects using this amazing, intuitive tool.

First things first...

Plan, Gather, Organize, Build

To learn iMovie we will be creating a mini project for students who are on the spectrum. You may choose to either do a social story, a tutorial that shows emotions and facial expressions, or both. The goal is to use your camera app to take pictures and video that we can use for our movie. You will want to collect enough for a 4 to 6 minute final project. If you work with a partner (recommended), each person needs the videos and pictures on her own iPad, so you may have to shoot and snap each pic and video segment twice.

Good luck!

When helping students creat projects, you will have more success and spend more time on the content rather than the tech if you walk them through the steps of planning their project, gathering or creating their media content, organizing that content, and THEN building the project. Please follow these steps for your iMovie project today.