The Progression of Communication

How communication has evolved over time

Communication's Different Forms

Communication has many different modes of expression; ranging from sound, to symbol, to advanced communication like computers. Before written language, people depended on the spoken word or other audio/visual means to communicate.

Examples of Audio Communication

Songs- Singing songs is a way of relating stories on a wide level. The lyrics tell a story that is passed along every time it is sung. Ancient greek songs, ballads and poems are still recited to this day.

Stories- Although stories are changed and interpreted differently throughout time, they relate a point, moral or event from person to person. Some stories we tell children to this day are hundreds of years old.

Examples of Symbolic Communication

Hieroglyphics- A formal writing system created by Egyptians in 3200 BC. These symbols often times looked like objects or creatures; like birds, staffs, or eyes.

Petroglyphs- Drawings carved into stone by chipping it repeatedly. These drawings usually depict stories and events. North America's oldest known petroglyphs are Reno, Nevada. They are estimated to be up to 15,000 years old.

Examples of Advanced Communication

Artificial Satellites- Body's of machinery drifting in space that receive and send signals to and from locations worldwide. We depend on satellites for weather forecasting, telecommunication, television and GPS coordinates.

Computers- We use computers to communicate on both very large and small levels. From sending codes to reading a newspaper article, computers transfer data in a million different ways. Computers exist in places you wouldn't expect: Calculators, phones, printers, dashboards, and traffic lights.

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