Making Your Sport Academic

Some of the finest athletes in the world have made a living by performing in their sport of choice. However, as the competition for the best rises, alternative options have been forming over the last century for athletes who possess great skill at their sport, but wish to gain an extra edge in life, should their sport not become fruitful in the future. To do this, athletes need to learn how to turn athleticism into education that is worthwhile.

Colleges across the country offer scholarships for athletes to study and earn a degree while they live out their passion in the sport that they have trained so hard in. With a diversity of different sports, the opportunities are endless, and many chances at success are left for those who have the hard work to achieve it. The organizations and associations that surround the collegiate athlete community give an extensive networking hub for those seeking to reach higher education with their athletic skills. With the right participation, and the goal in mind for the type of academic work, a degree can lead to a career easily after graduation, because businesses understand what it means to be an athlete.

Take the leadership example of Louis Desmarteaux, a tennis player that was given a Level 1 Certification by the United States Tennis Association, and has been able to play in tennis tournaments all over the United States and the world. With his skill, he managed to achieve the academic status of a Master of Business Administration at Northeastern University. Because of his tennis skill, his education opened the door for him to own his own tennis business, where he teaches all levels of mastery to tennis players, and helps his community engage young people in being active. Taking the physical skills of a sport and turning them into a fruitful education is a wise decision that produces life-changing results!