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Beginning this year, we will be sharing monthly highlights from across our district. These will include short features about the innovative teaching and learning occurring across our system. We’ll send clips of exceptional media coverage just ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), new projects or programs and features on staff that we are proud to have serving our students. So please take a moment to scan through what’s new Inside Springfield Public Schools.

Smiles and Excitment - HOUSE Event Models Positive Character Traits

Bright colored wigs, pompoms and confetti marked another successful Page HOUSE Sorting Event last week as new students were welcomed into their “houses.” These cross-grade level groups will support community building and a positive school culture as students will compete together winning points for their house with good behavior, light-hearted competitions and overall good citizenship.

The practice was initially started in January of last year and was met with such success, school leaders carried forward the model, even expanding it with “Junior Heads of House” positions. These coveted spots are filled by fifth-grade students who will serve as leaders for the rest of their teams.

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