BISD Google Basics for Teachers

getting started with Google

Teacher Google Accounts

All BISD staff members also have district Google accounts.

Your username/email is your district email address with a "g." after the @ sign.

Your Google password is the same as your network password

(the one you use to log into your computer.)

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Why Google?

Why Google Apps?
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Google Suite Compared to Microsoft Office

Google Docs = Microsoft Word

Google Sheets = Microsoft Excel

Google Slides = Microsoft Powerpoint

Google Drive = your online file cabinet and toolbox for the Google Suite

Google Drive!

Click here for Kasey Bell's Guide to Google Drive.

step-by-step pdf for using Google Drive

How to Use Google Drive | Beginners Tutorial

Google Docs!

Google Docs - Tutorial 01 - Basics
Everything There is to Know About Google Docs in 30 Minutes Webinar