Third Grade Newsletter

March 21, 2016


We just completed writing persuasive letters on recycling. Each student did some research on recycling either glass, paper, aluminum, or plastic. Following this the students were introduced the format of a business or friendly letter. They used this knowledge to write a letter about the reasons to recycle.

Now we are working on personal narratives. We will spend time developing the important moment that helps define the narrative. This will include expanding the idea, adding details, and using fantastic words.


We are currently in Unit 5 Week 5

Essential Question: What are different kinds of energy?

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Strategy: Ask/Answer Questions

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Vocabulary Words: energy, natural, pollution, produce, renewable, replace, sources, and traditional

Spelling: Open Syllables with a consonant/vowel/consonant pattern

Next week is Week 6 and the students will focus on the Unit 5 test.


We are currently working on fractions. This includes looking at fractional parts of a group and solving word problems with fractions.

The next unit is a review of place value and number relationships.

Unit Studies

We are working on health. Our unit is Consumer, Community, and Environmental Health. The areas that we will cover are:
Being a wise consumer
Being an active community member
Health helpers in the community
The environment and protecting it.

NeSA Testing

We will be taking the NeSA Reading test on Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st. The NeSA Math test is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 7th. All of the tests will be taken in the morning. Getting to bed early and a healthy breakfast help your child be successful. Arriving to school on time is important, so that your child does not start their morning rushed. Offering them positive words and encouragement in their ability and effort is beneficial. Thank you in advance for making sure that appointments are scheduled so that they are able to be in school. Thank you for your assistance.