It's the newest and brightest innovation in modern society!


Let's say Penelope is reading a book. Even though she is deeply satisfied with the words on the plain pages, she wishes that she had... more. For a moment, she longs for something that can take her there. Something to make her book come alive, perhaps? This is where Fictionality comes in! This product only requires a spritz of its magical juices, and soon you will be whisked away to your dream world! Whether it is the First and Second Districts of Panem, or the bright and beautiful world of Asgard! Not only is this product safe, it is FDA approved.. kind of. Instead of sitting on the floor, reading a boring old book, it can become reality! Many customers even swear to its wonders!

The "Science"

Fictionality comes from the prefix, fic, or to make. Therefore, it is essentially MAKING your world inside the book. You may think it is just an ordinary Windex bottle, but NO! This is more than just a cleaning product with other cleaning chemicals added. Unlike Windex, this product has a 100% success rate within customers and contains more happiness!

Here are some happy customers!

Moving on..

Recommended for children and teens!

Side effects include: itchy or sore throat, runny nose, swelling of the hands, legs or feet, flu-like symptoms, melanoma and other cancerous diseases, dizziness, nausea, capricious attitude, and occasionally death.