The Roman Rich and Famous

By: Tristin Mortenson and Gustavo Rodriguez

The Roman Rich and Famous

The Roman rich lived in great big beautiful houses, usually on the hills outide of rome so they wont have to deal with all the noises and lights. They enjoyed great furnishings and had servants and slaves to get them whatever they want or need. Usually rich people would have dinner parties and serve there guests very delicious meals. Unlike poor people rich people had fun and good paying jobs such as being a teacher, entertainer, merchant, farmer and more. Also, rich people were the only people that had kitchens.

The Roman Rich and Famous Houses

Usually the rich would live In a house called a "Villa" which is an estate. In the middle of the house there was this thing called an Atrium, which means a courtyard. Around the courtyard were the doors that led to different rooms. Sometimes there was roof over the courtyard that had a hole in the middle that let rain fall into the courtyard into some gutters. In the back of the courtyard was the parents' bedroom, or tablinum. Later, this became an office where people did their buisness and sometimes ate with there guests. On the sides were the bedrooms.

On the left is a Replica of a Villa

Their Entertainment

For entertainment they would go to the Colosseum and watch fights/wars between: Gladiators, Slaves, and sometimes Animals such as lions. Sometimes if the Colosseum is flooded they would use boats. The Hippodrome is where they would go to watch chariot races. Chariot races are where 2-4 horses pulled a wagon with a person in it. They would drive 7 times around the ring, the first one to finish was the winner. Also according to "They went to one of the big theatres in Rome to watch plays. Because the audience would not stay quiet the actors had to wear costumes. The actors wore masks - brown for men, white for women, smiling or sad depending on the type of play. The costumes showed the audience who the person was - a purple gown for a rich man, a striped toga for a boy, a short cloak for a soldier, a red toga for a poor man, a short tunic for a slave etc. Women were not allowed act, so their parts were normally played by a man or young boys wearing a white mask. The actors spoke the lines, but a second actor mimed the gestures to fit the lines, such as feeling a pulse to show a sick person, making the shape of a lyre with fingers to show music. The plays were often violent and could result in the death of an actor by mistake."

On the left is the Colloseum

What they Ate

The rich and famous would eat stuffed dormouse. Dormice are fluffy little mice that would fit in the palm of your hand. Stuff dormice with a pork filling and with the meat of whole dormice ground with pepper, pine nuts, silphium, and garum. They would also eat fruit salads, Oysters, Lobster, Boars head, Honey cakes, and lots more different types of food. They would eat 10 different courses when they ate dinner.

On the left is a picture of the Stuffed Dormice