Barb Richmire

Thirty-One Gifts Canada

We're More Than a Bag!

When someone asks what you do at Thirty-One Gifts, what do you tell them? That you sell bags? That you party?

It’s important that you see your role at Thirty-One Gifts and your business for what it is. At the most basic level, you solve problems for your Customers. You connect people with solutions that make their life easier and more organized!

We know that’s not everything you do. Thirty-One Gifts is about so much more than just a bag!

Celebrate, Encourage, Reward!


We believe we are more than just a company. We are people who believe in
celebrating, encouraging and rewarding others for who they are. We’ve built a family of individuals who feel our Consultants deserve to treat themselves and those around them to something special. Our commitment is to provide our Consultants with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience one person at a time.


Our vision is to give our Consultants tools to achieve the financial freedom to support their personal “Whys,” and to make the path to that freedom simple, effective and fun and full of rewarding experiences.


Our values are to be Purposeful, Thankful, Respectful, Accountable, Curious, Courageous, Authentic, Trustworthy, Hardworking, Fun-Loving and Flexible as required to do the right thing, to give back and to put other people first. We believe in being engaged with integrity in our work, in our communities, in our families and in our mission.

Barb Richmire, Thirty-One Gifts Canada Independent Senior Consultant

I'm A Senior Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts Canada. I'm also a mom to 6 great kids and wife to a fantastic guy. I'd love for you to take a few minutes and explore Thirty-One Gifts Canada and learn all about this fantastic company as well as find out what is new this month. Let me know how I can you use Thirty-One to organize your life in style! There is something here for everyone.