Pearl Harbor Attack

By: Emma Carr

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked and we lost thousands of lives. Many innocent people were left injured as well and had to seek medical attention. Japan dropped bombs onto Pearl Harbor. The bomb could be heard and seen from 50 miles away. Many people around the area evacuated to hills to try to block the effects of the bombs. There wasn't much time for people to evacuate because this attack came as a huge surprise. Nagumo dropped 6 carriers that launched 350 aircrafts.

Before the attacks President Franklin Roosevelt made an appeal at peace, which wasn't accepted. Two days after the appeal the attacks happened. We were able to detect the attacks an hour before they happened. There were two waves of attacks. The first one targeted airfields and battleships, the second wave targeted ships and shipyards. A 1,760 pound bomb was dropped on the USS Arizona and the US Pacific Fleet, killing thousands of people. The people at these places were killed as well as some of the people around these places. These attacks happened between 8:00 and 9:45 in the morning.

Now today, December 8th, the USA and Britain have declared war on Japan, who has Germany and Italy as their allies.

While researching Pearl Harbor, I learned a lot more about the attacks and what happened before and after them. I learned more about what places where attacked. I also learned more about just how much of a surprise the attack on Pearl Harbor really was. This has impacted us today because it reminds us that attacks could happen at any time. We weren't expecting the attack on Pearl Harbor to happen, but it did. It also reminds to be grateful for our friends and family because many people lost their family members in the Pearl Harbor attacks. It was a huge part of our history as well because it's what started World War Two. That is how it's impacted us today.