The Virus That Everyone Knows About

Andrew F. Pd 7

Ebola has been around since 1964 something close to that time .It is not new in the world and people think it is. Hear are facts that you did not know about Ebola and if you did know it than good for you.

The ways that you can get Ebola is by touching a infected persons fluids like blood, sweat ,spit and other things. You can be sitting next to a person that has Ebola. But make shore they do not throw up on you.

If you somehow get Ebola there are symptoms like other virus. This is some of the symptoms of Ebola muscle pains random bleeding ,throw up and other things. There is a 10% of surviving Ebola. If you don't surviving Ebola you will die from bleeding out or low blood presser.

Now you know more about Ebola. You know some of the symptoms of Ebola are.


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