Cell Phones in school

By:Aya Berwind

Are Sell Phones In Class Good?

No i do not believe sell phones in class is good for many reasons like they can be a major distraction. They can also lead to cheating if used incorrectly. Many people bring there cell phones in school like in there pocket or boot.


Did you know that there was a study that said that 65% of high school students use there sell phones during school hours? that leeds me to the conclusion that many students probable use them in class there for proving my point. There are many wase to hide a sell phone like in a pocket or in a hat so your teacher does not know you have it! many teenagers and middle schoolers can be easily distracted from there school work if they are text or playing a game on there phones in class. That could leed to lower college graduation rates which is not good for our communities or young people trying to get jobs.

One last thing before i go

I do not believe that sell phones in school are always bad if directed by a teacher to us as a calculator or to us it for research. it can also be good if you need to use it for home work purposes during lunch if it is ok with a teacher.