Water Sport Safety

By: Annalise Splan and Emily Fischer


Have you ever wondered if water sports are safe or not? There is no real answer to whether it is safe or not, but I think if you read some of these facts and statistics you can decide for yourself.

Water Sports Facts and Stats

-30% of kids ages 1-4 drown

-children under the age of 5 have a greater chance of drowning

-everyday about 10 people drown

-80% of people who drown are male

-23,400 people get injured every year and 76% are male


You can prevent drowning by:

-know how to swim

-be supervised by an adult

-wear a life jacket

-never go out swimming alone

-carry extra safety supplies

-let people know where you are going

-watch the weather

-follow the rules of the lake, river, or ocean

-wear waterproof sunscreen and drink water

-avoid drinking alcohol

-learn CPR

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