Computer Programing

by: Chris Nye


If you pursue a career in computer programming you get to work with computers and program really cool things like apps and games. You also get to solve complex problems and develop and refine your work. Some things you might have to is write websites with HTML or find bugs and fix them.


On average a computer programmer makes $74,280 or a minimum of $44,140 and a maximum of $127,640. Which is good for a job that does not require a lot of training.


To be a computer programmer you preferably need to have a degree and you need to have acceptable experience with computers and coding. You may also need some additional certification but that's not hard to get

How It Relates To Robotics

I chose to relate computer programming to robotics because in robotics you have to program the specific actions that you want the robot to perform and that relates to computer programming because in computer programming you have to program the computer what you want it to do.