Mrs. Butera's Class

January 15, 2016


This week we began learning all about penguins. We have also been talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and how non-fiction books are filled with true facts. We will have one more week with penguins and then we will move our focus to other arctic animals.
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The students have been asking about bringing the computers home. I am willing to start sending them home the first week of February. In order for your child to bring their computer home they will need the following things:

1) The computer paperwork handed in (I will send home a copy of this next week)

2) A zip-up computer case to protect the computer

3) A promise that the computer will come to school everyday, fully charged

Also, please be sure that your child does not use the computer while eating and be sure to have them use it in a safe place, such as at a table. If there are younger sibling at home, please keep a close eye on the computer also. Please remember that I will not assign homework on the chromebook.In the older grades they may have homework on it. In kindergarten it is sent home as a tool to practice their skills on. I will be sending home a paper that has all of the websites we use, along with usernames and passwords if the site requires it. I will have this sheet ready in the next week or so. If you have a computer at home and would like to just have your child use these sites on your home computer, this is perfectly fine.

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Please continue to practice counting and flash cards!

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