My reflection of the year!!

~T'Keyah Harris~

~About me!!~

My name is T'Keyah Harris im 15 years old and my birthday is June 1st. My favorite colors are pink and purple, and my favorite sports are football and basketball. In the future i hope to be a certified registered nurse anesthetist(CRNA), and living in Los Angelos Califronia.

A Glance of my year!!

This year has been better than my freshman year because i kept my grades up and not been a slacker like i was last year. I focused more on school more and limited my friends that tried to bring me down and kept my head up, and not worry about what people had to say about me.

* To upcoming sophomores don't let anyone bring you down focus on school and not worry about DRAMA because through the rest of your high school years you are going to learn who your real friends are!!!

"Life Is A Highway" - Rascal Flatts Official Music Video