Brianna Canizales

getting to know me

My hobbies

The two things that I love to do and that i would do all day is listen to music and read.I am a christian so i love listening to christian music.My favorite singer is tobymac and my favorite band is For King and Country.

My goals

I plan to be an A or B student this year. I am really going to try my best to succed and move forward. My goals for the futre is to get alot of credits for collage and gradute. I want to study to be a doctor. I hope i can achieve all of this. I know i can achieve all of this as long as a always try my best and always pay attention.


My favorite subject is reading.I like it because i feel like i am the one inside the book and i am exploring new things. I am mostly a B student.I have always done very good in school.I am a quiet/funny person.

my family

I have to little brothers.One of them is a year old and the other one is 9 years old.My mom is 29 years old and my dad is 32.My family is from El Salvador but i was born here.i visited El Salvador when i was 4 years old.I went to meet my grandma that lives over there