Andrew Jackson

Hero for Killing the National Bank

Jackson was against having a national bank. There was a court case about whether a national bank was unconstitutional or not. Jackson did not like the national bank because it favored wealthy people and only helped them out. So, he got rid of it and only had local banks to help the "common man".

Hero for his "common man" origins.

Before Jackson was born, his father died. He was not wealthy at all, in other words he was poor. Andrew Jackson lived in the Waxhaw settlement with a lot of his extended family who were Irish immigrant farmers.

Hero for Beating a Larger British Force.

Jackson didn't know that the war was already over, due to hard time to communicate. Andrew Jackson still tried very hard to win. In the Battle of New Orleans, there was a large British force and Jackson successfully beat them.

National Bank

The political cartoon above is about the National Bank and how the monster is the national bank and Jackson is fighting it. Also, how hard it was to "kill it" and how Jackson thought it only helped rich or that the rich are fighting back.