Wanted! Designers and Developers

Love the startup space? This is the job for you!

We're on the hunt for passionate designers and developers to work with us.

We're looking for web designers with a passion for working in an entreprneurial environment.

Are you an experienced graphic/web designer? Do you have an eye for detail?
Can you code HTML5 and CSS3? We want to hear from you!

You'll be paid to work with a great team, at a great location, learn from some of the best in the venture capital and startup space. If you're interested in the startup scene, there is no better place to get paid while learning the ins and outs of venture capital.

We're a growing company with room for you to grow with us, learn what you love and be a part of something awesome.

Amazing Opportunities to add to your Portfolio

Imagine having worked for startups like Facebook and Twitter back in the day? How good would that look on your CV and Portfolio?

We don't quite have Facebook on our client list, however we are working with some of the most exciting opportunities to come out of Australia in the startup world.

Anything is possible! So, get on board with us now to get involved!

Learn about the startup industry while you work with us.

We're a venture capital company, so if you've ever wondered what VC is all about working with us may give you just what you the insight you are looking for.

After all success can come down to who you know! So, why not get to know us!

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What we're looking for...


We're looking for graphic, web and ux designers we can call on.

ie. project-by-project contracts, casual, FT and PT.

We are looking for designers with...

  • Eye for detail
  • Strong portfolio
  • The right attitude - "can-do", "lets make this amazing", "lets get this done", out-of-the-box thinking.

Front End Developers

We're looking for front end developers who we can call on for all kinds of projects.

The roles may be anything from project-by-project contracts, casual, FT and PT.

We're looking for developers with...

  • HTML5 and CSS3 experience
  • Eye for detail
  • Appreciation for design (design experience a BIG bonus!)
  • The right attitude - "can-do", "lets make this amazing", "lets get this done", out-of-the-box thinking.

Growth Hackers/Digital Marketers

We're always on the look at for people who love growth hacking. We have many projects coming through our doors for you to get your hands.

We're looking for growth hackers with...

  • a can-do attitude
  • a passion for trying new ways to hack growth
  • knowledge of digital marketing techniques
  • some runs on the board

Back End and Mobile Developers

PHP, AWS, Ruby on Rails, Java, Objective C, SQL... - If these terms terrify you, then stop now.

But if you laugh in the face of a stack overflow, then BlackCitrus development team needs you.

We're looking for talented and passionate people to work with our team of exceptional developers.

You should have experience in Back End and/or mobile development, but we're really looking for is aptitude and attitude. - Sounds like you?

We are BlackCitrus...

BlackCitrus is a Venture Capital & Venture Technology Firm that proves resources, funding and team needed by startups so founders can focus on the organic growth of their business.

Are you the one for us? Prove it!

This is an amazing opportunity for designers and developers, particularly those with a passion for everything entrepreneurial.

We have many applications coming through our doors, however we are looking for talented, committed people who fit in with our team.

If you think this may be you, complete the form below.

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