Bipolar Disorder

By: Kaitlin Glidewell

Bipolar is a mental disorder. A person with bipolar disorder has an imbalance of neurotransmitters in their brain which makes their moods irregular. People with Bipolar go through two phases of the disorder, mania and depression. Some doctors say that children as young as two years old can be diagnosed with something called pediatric bipolar while other doctors say Bipolar won't develop in a person until their late teens.

Symptoms Of Mania

Racing speech, an abnormal amount of energy, lack of need for sleep, unable to focus, optimistic and peppy attitude, bad judgement, reckless behavior and, strong feeling of self-esteem and self confidence.


Depression stage symptoms

Loss of interest in activities, a sad of irritated mood, oversleeping or not sleeping enough, loss of energy, loss of appetite or overeating, feelings of low self-esteem and unnecessary guilt, and dropping grades.

Ways to get help

There is no cure for bipolar disorder however your doctor can prescribe you certain medications that can regulate your moods a little more. Working closely with your doctor and psychiatrist will help you take care of yourself. People with bipolar usually go to therapy so they can talk about their moods.

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