Adidas Ace 16

Sells at $300

Ace 16 revolutionizing the industry

The one who is unbeatable in the attacks and unbreakable on defense, with a skill set that can't be touched; the ACE 16 is the soccer cleat for that player. The Ace has changed not only the soccer cleat industry itself with its amazing laceless technology but the entire cleat industry in all sports.
Boss Everyone feat. Özil, Oscar, Alli, Zidane -- adidas Football

The Technology Behind the Ace

The primeknit upper of the Adidas Ace 16 is designed to perfectly mold onto the wearer's feet as soon as they put it on. The shoe can control the ball easily at any speed with the laceless sock forefoot and a thin layer of raised dots applied to the upper allows the ball to glue to the foot when in possession. The Ace provides unbelievable stability with its lightweight Sprintframe outsole. The revolutionary cleat allows the wearer to maintain control with Total Control stud alignment. The Ace 16 has changed the game and the market with its new advanced technology.