Created by: Kayla Morton, Makayla Davis, Grace Woltz.♥️

Government created by Kayla

Type: Republic

Leader: Serzh Sarkisyan (2008)

Role of citizens: Any person 18 years or older can apply for Armenia citizenship.


Created by: Makayla Davis

Literacy rate: 99.8

GDP Per Capita: 3,504.77

Population: 3,060,631

imports: 12%

Exports: 22%

Economic System: low to high

Culture created by makayla

Holidays: Army Day,and New Years

Traditons:Trndez Day

Food: beans,meat,soup

Language: Armenia

Religions: Christanity


Sports:football,boxing,water sports,Sking ,RockClimbing

place to visit: created by kayla

I picked this place because they have really good looking food like beans,meat,soup,rice.

You should visit Armenia because it is beautiful and they have cool sports

Physical Features: By Grace

1. Armenia has quite a bit of high mountains, it's biggest one being Mount Aragats.

2. There are few narrow valleys in Armenia, but the one that is most known is Aragat Valley.

3. There are lots of little streams and rivers in Armenia, but Lake Sevan definitely sticks out.

Climate: By Grace

Armenia is very dry throughout all seasons and extremely dry up in the mountains. It is usually pleasant in the summer, but it can reach up to 104 degrees up in the mountains. Most people go water skiing in the hot summer, but It doesn't get that cold in the winter.

I would like to go to Armenia in the summer, because the temperature is usually around a pleasant 70 degrees and is perfect for water skiing

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