Biome Technology Project

Grassland - Drake Mercer - 1st period

Description of Grasslands

Grasslands are large terrains of rolling grasses located south of Tropic of Capricorn, North of the Tropic of Cancer. They are -40º Fahrenheit to over 100º Fahrenheit. Grasslands usually have 10 to 15 inches in rainfall. They are mostly filled with hills or savannas.

Different Types of Grasslands

They are split up into to main types of grasslands, tropical grasslands, often called savannas. There is also the temperate grasslands.

Life in Grasslands

They have grazing animals, such as, Bison or Longhorns. They also have rodents, such as, Mosaic-tailed Rats and Groundhogs. Grasslands can have carnivores, such as, wolfs or coyotes. They mainly have different species of grass with a couple trees and shrubs here and there.

Catastrophic Events in Grasslands

The threat of wildfire is increased significantly in grasslands. They spread extremely quickly do to low wind break. Droughts are often a problem because they are usually not near to any large water sources. An example of a drought in a grassland would be the dustbowl during the 1930s.