realizing my powers

by devon. martorella

learning to ride my two wheeler

When i was five years old i got my first bike wit training wheels. i hated the training wheels with a passion and yelled and screamed until they were removed. then i snunk out to ride it one day without my mother helping me stay on. after receiving it from the garage i then i decided i was big enough to ride it. placing it on the ground in front of our garage i proceeded to mount it with little to no trouble, however the weight made my body lean forward and start sliding down the drive way, by this time i had already fallen out of the seat and been dragged down the driveway and into the streets and cried until my aunt came out to help me up.

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Writing my first book

Ever since sixth grade ive seen different worlds and people in my head. this world was so vivid and clear the characters even felt like friends...or enemies. finally during this summer i decided that it was time to release this world through the pen and paper and i finall finished the draft before school. its called dark before dawn and its my pride and joy, however its not yet completly done becuase the editing takes forever

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Doing comedy shows last year.

i've always been interested in making people laugh, its a great way to express yourself and release stress. last year the drama teacher Mrs baker suggested i do a comedy act for school, regardless to say it was a lot harder to do then i thought. the writing and scripting took hours, learning proper stge entrances and exits as well as combining music into the act was horribly hard.however the rewarding feeling of making the crowd laugh and the crazy romance and adventure that comes with theater.
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getting a job

i am a very lazy person, normaly i dont like to do anything extra i do waht needs to be done and thats it. going out for my job made me learn patience, it took weeks for them to get back to me and when they finally did i started finally making my own money and buying my own things. ive been learning lately that stuff is expensive and that you gotta value all the money you make and work harder then you want to if you want to go places.
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learning to skate

i know i had learning to ride a bike on here, but that was only becuase it was one of the first things i rembered acomplishing. riding a skateboard has been amazing and helpfull for me. when im really srtessed or annoyed i grab my penny and ride for and hour or two and come back feeling great. i know it doesnt seem like much to other people but skateboarding helps me cope with things.

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