I Pass Natural Gas

The Earth's naturals gases

Is Natural Gas Renewable?

No, natural gas is nonrenewable. The natural gas we use today has taken millions of years to form. This is why it is nonrenewable.

Where is Natural Gas found on Earth?

We drill for natural gas in underground in pockets of rocks. We drill well into the ground to reach the natural gas.

How You Find Natural Gas: (Check it out!)

Series - Part 1: Oil and gas - Million year-old treasures beneath the earth

So, wait... What are the uses for Natural Gas?

Uses for this awesome energy:

There are many uses for natural gas. In fact, we find new uses everyday. Here are some;

1.) Meets 24% of the world's energy demand.

2.) Heats 51% of households

3.) Provides fuel for cooking

4.) Also cools houses

5.)120,00 of natural gas operating vehicles.

Natural Gas Cars?!

Natural gas has been used as a motor vehicle fuel since the 1930s. Honda created this interesting vehicle. This is a Civic that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). Pretty cool, huh?

What is the cost benefit to using natural gas?

SavingsNatural gas can save you money. Visit the appliance section to view cost comparison. Natural Gas is still your best energy buy.

Environmental Impact from Natural Gas.

Natural Gas is known to be "cleaner" than coal, but it still affects the environment. For example, it affects many ecosystems near northern Alaska and Canada. Burning any fossil fuel, including natural gas, releases emissions into the air, including carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Yet, natural gas and propane are the cleanest burning fossil fuels.
Drilling for Natural Gas and Protecting the Environment

The Advantages of Natural Gas

Its clean!  Cleanest of all fossil fuels. Economical! Natural gas appliances are virtually maintenance-free (savings!!!!!) Dependable! You never have to worry about what the weather is like. And many more! ..