5 Chrome Extensions: Tech Tip #25

March 5, 2015 - BEST District of the EVSC

Chrome Extensions

A little background info. here. An extension in Chrome helps to personalize and improved your experience with Chrome. With the variety of extensions out there, here are five that you will definitely want! Let's go to the Chrome Store and get them installed!
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goo.gl URL Shortener

After clicking this extension, you can shorten any URL and share it with students easily. You can even get a QR code to give to students if you wish.
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1-click timer

Install this extension and you can quickly start a timer directly from Chrome - no more wasted time searching for an online timer that may or may not have questionable ads.
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AdRemover for Chrome

Tired of ads that appear on websites that you or your students visit? Install this extension and AdRemover will not only block those pesky ads, but it will also block malware.
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Pushbullet is an awesome extension that displays text messages from your phone, even when your phone is in vibrate or silent mode. Respond to texts from your browser regardless of where your phone is located.
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Save to Google Drive

Use this extension to save any web content that you come across directly to your Drive.

Interested in more extensions?

Head on over to the Chrome Store. From there search the store and see if there is anything else out there that might enhance your Chrome experience.