Nepal Earthquake

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Where is Nepal?

Nepal is located between China and India and has a population of around 27.8 million people. On a Saturday afternoon Nepal was hit with an earthquake that reached a 7.8 on the Richter scale.
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The earthquake epicenter was near the capital of Katmandu. It shook the city knocking over houses and buildings, killing many people. It even affected Mount Everest and the people climbing it. The death toll from the earthquake is 4,600 and it is expected to increase.

Five Facts About the Nepal Earthquake

1. The Kuril Islands earthquake in 2006 was 3.16 times bigger than the Nepal earthquake.

2. The major earthquake in Haiti had a death toll of 316,000 compared to the death toll of around 4,600 for the Nepal earthquake.

3. The Nepal earthquake was 63095.73 times bigger than the earthquake that was experienced in Caldwell County.

4. The earthquake in Japan in 2011 was a 9.0 earthquake compared to the magnitude of the Nepal earthquake which was a 7.8.

5. There was a earthquake in San Francisco, California in 1906 that also had a magnitude of 7.8. The death toll of this earthquake was estimated to be about 3,000 compared to the death toll of Nepal (4,600) which is still rising.

Want to help out?

Below is a link to website where you can place a donation to help the people of Nepal.