September 2017 eNewsletter

Principal's Notes

First, let me say, "Welcome back!"

It's been a pretty great start to the school year so far. Many of the changes we adopted a year ago have become more the "norm." Adjustments were made and will continue to be made in order to best meet the needs of our students. We continue to move forward with JCSC's 1:1 initiative. All classes utilize Google classroom and continue to seek innovative ways to engage students.

Secondly, our graduation rate was again over 90% for the third time in four years. Our state test scores (ISTEP+) improved overall in both math and English, and we feel very confident folks will be quite pleased with JCHS's school grade again this year. We'll share as soon as the embargo is lifted by the IDOE. Our goals, again, surround improving academics, student-engagement, school spirit/pride, and social emotional growth.

Over the summer, and even this fall, we experienced some growing pains with our infrastructure. We overhauled an aging HVAC system, replaced major areas of the roof, replaced the most of the remaining original windows, added a new display-sign along Hwy. 50, and continued to seek more efficient ways of heating/cooling and electrical usage to better accommodate students and staff as well as meet financial goals of our School Board and community. Additionally, we are also in the engineering phases of facility upgrades to many of our athletic fields and facilities. To put to very simply, we are very excited at the direction JCHS and JCSC are headed.

Fall sports are off and running, and I mean RUNNING! Our Cross-Country teams continue to excel. School records have been broken (Emma Morrison with a time of 20:05), and both teams are looking forward to deep state runs, having ended their respective seasons in the Semi-State and State Meets a year ago.

On August 21st, we experienced a part of something that hasn't happened in the U.S. in over 100 years a total eclipse that affected every one of the lower 48 states. As a school, we adjusted our daily schedule so that all students were able to view the eclipse through streaming video or news broadcasts and many were able actually go outside in small groups with several staff members supervising and safely observing a once in a lifetime event. The day went very smoothly, students behaved perfectly and were able to enjoy the moment in some memorable way.

We're already in the midst of Fall Homecoming, September 11-15. The annual parade will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 13th, and the Homecoming game and crowning ceremonies will be on Friday, September 15th. We hope that these events will draw great crowds! As in years past, students continue to impress with each day's activities. We've got great students, a great staff, and we're excited about another great year.

Tom Black





College Night at JCHS October 26th , 2017. 6:30 to 8:00 in the Auxiliary Gym

Ball State

Hanover College

Indiana State University

IBC and Vet Tech.



IUPUI Kelley School of Business

Ivy Tech

Marian University

Midway University

Oakland City University

Purdue College of Technology

St. Mary of the Woods College

Trine University

University of Cincinnati

University of Indianapolis

US Marines

Vincennes University

Vincennes University Early College

Vincennes College of Technology

Wabash College

Sullivan College of Tech & Design



Why are you taking Business Law? Students answer. . .

I am taking Business Law because I am looking to be in the business field. I would like to be a financial advisor and move my way up the ladder from there. Taking this class will help me understand the law better for my own knowledge and to be smarter in decisions for my clients and/or own business. I’m hoping to understand the way businesses make decisions in legal matters and how to make less mistakes in my career. ~Kasia Burton

I am taking the Business Law class because I am interested in law. I’ve been interested in it for some time now and plan to study it in college and to hopefully one day become a successful lawyer. I hope to gain new knowledge about law, the criminal justice system, and the government so I can know more before I go off for college. ~Phoebe Campbell I am going to college for homeland security and public safety. I’m taking this class because it is dual-credit, and it could come in handy down the road. ~Lane Smith

Business Law & Ethics A two-semester course that provides an overview of the legal system in the business setting. Topics covered include: basics of the judicial system, contract, personal, employment, and property law. Application of legal principles and ethical decision-making techniques are presented through problem-solving methods and situational analysis. Students will gain real world knowledge from experts in the field of law, as guest speakers will visit the classroom. Students will also be taking a field trip to the Vernon courthouse to see the court in action.

Dual-Credit: This course is an approved 200 college level dual-credit course with Ivy Tech: BUSN201- Business Law. This 3-credit hour course is offered through the school of Business toward a Business Administration program.

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2017 WBL Teachers in Industry

As students prepare to go back to school, more than 25 Indiana teachers and school counselors are wrapping up the third year of a unique summer internship program sponsored by the Indiana Department of Education to better connect industry to education.

The department’s Teachers in Industry (TII) programs funds up to 2 ½ weeks of no-cost internships to teachers and counselors from around Indiana who wish to learn more about local businesses and industries. In turn, the TII teachers and counselors bring that knowledge back to the classroom so more students are prepared for the world of work.

This year, more than 50 Indiana employers provided short term internships for teachers and counselors in fields ranging from radio broadcasting to precision machining and a European-style pastry shop to an aquaculture shrimp farm. Interns worked at several high profile locations such as Subaru of Indiana in Lafayette and Crowe-Horwath in Indianapolis.

Denise Axsom, FACS teacher at Jennings County High School recently completed a 100 hour internship at Magnolia Boutique in Franklin Indiana where she learned about how an online boutique is executed. Lesson plans were created to used in Fashion and Textiles class. One basic skill all students need to master is reading and using a tape measure.

Axsom says she will take the lessons learned at this summer’s internship to revise what she teaches this school year in Fashion and Textile classroom.

Alyson McIntyre-Reiger, Family and Consumer Sciences and Work-Based Learning Specialist with the Indiana Department of Education, says the Teachers in Industry program is vital to ensuring that Indiana’s teachers and school counselors are preparing students for what Hoosier employers truly want and need.

“One of the best ways to match what we’re teaching in our high schools with the needs of Indiana’s employers is to actually talk with local employers and go to their places of business to experience what it’s like to be an employee for a week or two.”

Teachers in Industry participants are required to create a presentation of their experience to present to local school staff as well as with other teachers and counselors this school year.

More than 70 educators have participated so far in the program and plans call for recruiting additional high school and middle school counselors to participate in the program next summer.

Fine Arts


​8 JCSC teachers currently have work on display at the Perfect Day Cafe'

​NAHS students led 4 free art activity days between the free movies at the Park Theatre. These were funded by local businesses and held at the Stellar Park building across from the theatre.

​Face painting at Muscatatuck Park the Sunday before school started as a fundraiser for Jonah Kreutzjans, a 1st grader at GCE who is battling cancer.

​Ashley Browning dons her summer AP studio assignment on the first day of school. She created the outfit as part of her 2018 portfolio for the college board. Only 7 more full costumes to go:)

Brandon Anderson and Cheyenne Mott attended the Stephen Foster Music Camp at Eastern Kentucky University.

Kate Burbrink and Dana Money performed with the Indiana State 4H Chorus on Saturday, August 12.

NAHS is doing many activities September 2 for Vernon Labor Day. We have 3 kid stations for Make and Take art, a community mural project, drum making and an art contest!

Language Arts


Yearbook students are busy working on a theme to reflect the fact that JCHS will be celebrating its 50th birthday in 2018. Students are looking at old yearbooks and trying to incorporate fun aspects of the year 1968 into the 2018 book. Sales of the book have begun with a bargain on books until September 1. After September 1st, the price will go up. Students are also studying the business aspect of advertising and publishing and plan to visit local businesses in September to see if they can encourage them to support our work designing and producing a book.

English 10 students are incorporating technology into their learning. Tests are routinely found on a website called "Socrative." Reading selections and activities are found on a website called "Commonlit." Grammar activities are found on "No Red Ink," and vocabulary activities are found on "Quizlet." Students enjoy our paper free classrooms and like the freedom that comes with having and using a laptop to manage all of their English 10 work. English 10 teachers utilize Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Voice, Screencastify, and other Google Apps to connect with students. Of course, students and parents can find grades in Skyward all the time and are encouraged to email with teachers.

In Advanced Literature we are writing College Entrance essays--not all are going to schools that require them, but for those that do they will have a nice one to use and everybody gets better at writing essays.

In Biblical Literature we have read the story of Creation and students have created their own visual charts depicting each day.

In English 11 class, we are studying the American Dream. Students have discussed and written about things such as what the American Dream means to them, what obstacles keep us from the American Dream, and other people's views of the American Dream. This relates to our course of study for the year. Students also viewed the PBS documentary titled Two American Families which chronicles the lives of two families struggling to achieve the American Dream. This production began in 1991 and continued to 2013. The findings were eye-opening!

We will transition into reading selections from our literature book and will be formulating our own creation myths modeled after several creation myths we will read.

In English 12, we are gearing up to study Beowulf and create comic strips depending Beowulf, Grendel and assorted characters. We also are using interactive notebooks this year and that has received positive feedback from the students, thus far. They feel that these notebooks keep them organized and directed as we navigate through the areas of literature, grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

Special Services


Field trip opportunity; Students shopping for nutrition and wellness class.

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