Don't Look Back

The life of the girl who lost her memory

Wriiten By:

Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Mystery and Thriller

Age Range

13 and older

Personal Review

My personal thoughts of Don't Look Back is, the author Jennifer L Armentrout, is a very descriptive writer, she put so much feeling into the book like as if you could be apart of it yourself. The characters in the book are ourstanding, I know what they are thinking, how they feel, its amazing. The whole plot is great. I know what was going on, I know where they are, I know who everyone is, and I soon felt myself trying to figure out the mystery. It left me guessing till the very end.

Don't Look Back, is an amazing book, you can really visualize what happen to the characters by the amazing detail, I can felt the tension build up as I read the book.

I really enjoyed reading Don't Look Back. I recommend it for kids who like reading mystery and thrillier books.

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