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You can make a dump into a garden

The Cleveland Ohio people are trying to clean the vacant lot from all the trash that all those litter bugs through away there they're good, caring, and kind people

They are trying to clean the lot. because they're turning the grassy part in to a community garden.

so the good part is that people can grow any thing they want to grow and they can even sell it or they can keep it for their family's to make a nice good dinner

Giving advice

when you lose your family it helps if you take Therapy or just don't think about them or just think about it for the first week or month and then after that just don't think about it at all. but like if you miss them so much that that's all you can think about try to remember a smell that they have and smell that sent and close your eyes and remember. that should work like a key and your memory is the chest so when smell that sent you will unlock all the memory's about you and them or just them it also helps to also hang out with friends or close family and go do some thing fun or thrilling like a six flags, a club or a party

Saturday, July 6th 1985 at 4:30pm

garland hospatal

rain had to go to the hospital after she fell out of a tree and then when her grandson was driving her to the hospital he crashed the car and soon after she was rushed in the hospital for x-rays

asking advice

what do you do when you lose your family because all I can think about is them and its driving me crazy and making me depressed so how do you deal with that because. I cant even hang out with my friends because I cant even have fun because all I can think about is my family and I hate it so much. Because its running trough my mind twenty four seven and it makes me just feel really sad and mad and also I miss them so much what is a way to remember good and deep memory's about them.